Our Vision

I founded WLF in 2009, because I wanted to create an experience for women lawyers that would be empowering, transformational, and offer a path for greater success and fulfillment in both work and life.

Having advised law firms on business strategy for over 25 years, I saw tremendous change in the industry as a whole – but little improvement in the number of women advancing to higher levels in law firms. I also observed that as institutions, law firms were becoming even more isolating, particularly for women navigating multiple roles and juggling competing commitments.

I learned that three key elements are needed to create the environment for sustainable success: a highly sophisticated leadership curriculum, a hand-curated network of peers, and time to learn, practice, and share experiences. These became the cornerstones of the WLF approach.

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Our Team

Women's leadership is a
passion and personal journey
for each of us

Our Coaches & Facilitators

Highly-credentialed professionals and
subject-matter experts with diverse
backgrounds and experiences

Our values guide the way
we connect with,
support, and grow as a
team, alongside our clients,
and personally


To us, personal responsibility is paramount. We challenge ourselves to “see” different ways of thinking, acting, and believing — and act in ways that align with our vision.


As curious, voracious learners, we’re committed to lifetime learning and growing in pursuit of greater success and fulfillment — and a passion for sharing what we learn with others.


We harness the power of our common humanity to help us understand that so many of the challenges we face are universal — that we are never alone — and a community of peers supports and encourages our actions.


We believe in the power of stepping outside our comfort zones and convention to forge new paths that lead to confidence and freedom.


Rather than simply yearn for contentment, we work toward a life rich with family, friends, and rewarding work.


“Susan is a master curator of ideas and people. I can't think of anyone else who is a master-level coach and leadership expert, adds personal scholarship to gender issues, and knows the ins and outs of law firms – and my firm in particular. She really gets it. So at the end, you can't even directly quantify the benefits. They're exponential.”


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