For Participants

Our alumnae report that the program is life-changing

Every participant gets something different from the WLF experience, because everyone who enters the program brings with them her individual challenges and aspirations. At the same time, participants become part of a collective, transformative experience.


A Trusted and Respected Peer Group
to Support Learning and Growth

A common refrain from WLF participants is “I thought I was the only one!” The reality is virtually all high-performing women lawyers face a common set of challenges in work and life. WLF cohorts provide each participant the unique experience of being part of a network of trusted and respected peers who share real-time challenges, discuss solutions and best practices, and provide support and encouragement.


Tools, Strategies and Behavioral
Practices for Sustainable Success

Practical, tangible strategies are a hallmark of the WLF program. WLF participants leave the program with everything from specific questions they can ask to improve their communication skills, to actionable ways of conveying gravias to potential clients, to concrete time management tools. Everything that is taught is intended to be put into practice immediately.


More Control, Less Stress

Law firm life becomes unsustainable when lawyers feel they have no control over their lives and experience too much stress. WLF helps participants find situations where they have agency and autonomy, even within the complex and demanding world of a private legal practice. Feelings of agency are directly correlated to lower burnout rates, allowing WLF participants to feel less stress under demanding workloads.


Dedicated Time to Craft Sustainable Success

Busy schedules and constantly being on the go means it often seems impossible for women lawyers to find any time to reflect on what greater success and fulfillment would even look like, let alone practice the new skills that make this possible. WLF provides a dedicated time and space to allow participants to expand their capacity to be strategic about career and life and to learn, practice and embody new behaviors.


A Robust Network and Resources

Participants become lifelong members of a WLF alumnae network that offers an ongoing community of support. We know firsthand that under pressure, it is easy to fall back into old habits, which is why the community is designed to reinforce the learning and share new and continuing challenges, practical advice, tools and resources. Alumnae also gain access to proprietary resources and invitation-only events that support our community and learning.


For Law Firms

Law firms are losing some of their most talented lawyers, often at just the time in their careers when they have the most to offer

Despite the significant institutional changes law firms have made to improve retention of women lawyers, women remain under-represented - particularly at senior levels, and in leadership and management roles.

Our Role

WLF focuses on reversing this trend by helping women become more efficient, effective, successful and fulfilled in work and in life. Firms experience both tangible and intangible benefits – improved retention and increased promotion rates for women lawyers and increased loyalty resulting from feeling supported by their firm.

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Benefits for Law Firms
  • Higher Retention and Promotion Rates

  • Stronger Women Leaders

  • Higher Morale Among Women

  • More Role Models for Younger Lawyers

  • A Greater Sense of Community Between and Among Women

  • A Strong Credential for Demonstrating Commitment to Diversity


“There are a lot of statistics out there about too few women equity partners, not enough women in the C-suite, etc. WLF is teaching women how to become leaders and achieve those senior positions – and enjoy each step of the way – one woman at a time...”


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