WLF Testimonials

Comments from participants:

  • “Without question I would recommend this program to colleagues. It has been a great learning opportunity and had forced me to challenge myself with respect to how I want to approach my career goals.  Also, it is really fantastic with respect to developing relationships with other layers at the firm and feeling like part of a community. …The WLF has provided a great opportunity to get to know the issues that other women at the firm are facing with their careers and lives and to share common concerns and struggles.”
  • “WLF has been a great way to reflect on how to improve my performance and value at work and also how to do the work in a way that makes me happier.”
  • “I would absolutely recommend this program to my colleagues.  I have found the program very interesting from both a personal and professional perspective and it has given me lots to think about and implement in my life and practice.  I also find getting to know others in the program to be one of the most enjoyable components and I am happy to have a cohort of similarly senior women at the firm that I know well. …I highly recommend renewing the program and/or expanding it to more participants or other offices.”
  • “Every session is valuable and eye-opening and they build on each other so that you use what you learned in the prior session going forward.  I would definitely recommend the program to colleagues.  It teaches self-awareness and skills that help us manage challenges in the office and at home. It’s creating a community of women at the firm as well. …Susan and Kate do a great job drawing each of us in to the discussion. They both seem expert in their field.  They keep our attention for all three hours.”
  • “WLF provided me with transformational life skills and then gave me concrete and specific ways to apply those skills in the workplace and beyond.”
  • “This experience was incredibly valuable from a growth/self-evaluation perspective – plus it is so nice to benchmark my experience with other women.  This program has been an excellent use of my time.”
  • “I absolutely would recommend WLF to colleagues. It is filled with practical tools that will benefit women in law firms.  I am an enthusiastic endorser.”
  • “The program provides a special “space” (a time, a place, a trusted group of co-participants), and a very encouraging atmosphere for propelling yourself to reach your fullest potential. … [T]his demonstrates to me how skilled Kate and Susan are and what a great job they have done in developing this program.”
  • “I learned an enormous amount, especially about myself.  I value the relationships I have formed with my peers and I am enjoying practicing the techniques that I learned.  I particularly liked the exercises where we learned things about how we are limiting our own progress, and the techniques to move past obstacles.”
  • “Anyone who comes to the program with an open mind would benefit from it.  Anyone who is seriously invested in taking stock of who they are, what do they stand for and figuring out how to marshal their full potential will certainly get a great deal out of the opportunity to participate in this forum.  I highly recommend maintaining and expanding the program.”
  • “I really appreciated being able to spend time each month really thinking about my goals and needs – from a long term perspective, not just as a fire drill. It’s like a mental back massage, with no distractions or ramifications.  We all really need to be able to sit back and be able to observe ourselves objectively to change our behavior – and maybe those around us – to better achieve our goals.”
  • “I would recommend the program to colleagues.  I think it assists with communication skills and builds confidence.  It is creating bonds with other women lawyers within the firm.  I think it is a valuable development program.”
  • “I loved meeting with peers and candidly discussing issues, getting exposure to new concepts and ways of thinking about myself as a leader and taking time to think about leadership and other concepts through homework, prep for class and in the meetings.”
  • “It was valuable to understand how we got where we are, how our strengths are sometimes our saboteurs, how to recognize our values and needs, and how to set goals or declarations for our career or life. This experience is empowering.”