Program Description

WLF consists of a year-long series of 10 monthly experiential workshops, during which participants build skills that improve their effectiveness, efficiency and personal fulfillment. The curriculum is cumulative and addresses the following topics:

Self Mastery Managing Others
Emotional intelligence Delegation
Leadership communication Leverage
Authentic presence Developing effective teams
Commitment management Motivating and inspiring others
Resilience Difficult conversations
Career and life vision Feedback

Each three-hour workshop provides:

  • Practical tools, and practices to support participants in meeting their individual objectives.
  • Time for reflection and planning to allow the participants to expand their capacity to be strategic about career and life choices.
  • Discussion of real-time challenges with experienced leadership coaches and a peer group.
  • A community of support and feedback.

Individual coaching sessions are available as an option to help participants fully integrate and sustain new behaviors and address particular issues or concerns.



The Program teaches participants how to:

  • Strengthen their entrepreneurial and business development skills;
  • Develop an authentic leadership style, voice and presence;
  • Leverage intellect and experience with strong emotional intelligence skills;
  • Develop greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how to avoid getting in their own way as they work to achieve their goals;
  • Embody effective assertiveness and direct communication with peers, seniors, clients and direct reports;
  • Shift from being overwhelmed and over-loaded to operating with purpose, clarity and focus;
  • Delegate effectively;
  • Motivate and inspire a team;
  • Manage multiple demands and competing commitments more effectively;
  • Find greater ease in integrating work and life; and
  • Become more proactive and successful in creating the life they really want.