Multiple Formats

WLF is available in four different formats;

  • WLF Original Format – This format is designed for a group of 8-12 women at similar levels of seniority from 8-12 different peer businesses. This format offers participants the opportunity to learn from and network in a non-competitive setting.


If you are interested in joining a WLF in this format, please click “Join a Forum” above or call 703-532-2024.

  • WLF In-house – This format allows organizations to customize the program to meet specific needs, building on the WLF basic structure.  This format allows participants from a single organization to explore the shared context of the organization. It builds a strong community of women with the potential to shift the culture of the business over time.
  • WLF Retreat – This format brings together women to participate in an intensive two-day retreat. Six webinars throughout the year provide an opportunity for continuing dialogue. The benefit of this model is that it builds strong community across offices.  This model also has the potential to shift the culture of the business over time.
  • WLF for Affinity Groups – In this program, we offer a package of four shorter programs (2 hours) delivered quarterly to a business’s affinity group.  The size of the group may range from 10 to 50 participants.  This is a content rich program that can be delivered to multiple offices.