equality is possible

Coaching Question: Is Gender Equality Possible?


The issue of equality is not new — in fact, we’ve been trying to deal with it for so long that it seems impossible.  What can we actually do?


First we have to acknowledge that it IS really hard. We are challenging a 2000+ year old system — and this kind of change cannot happen overnight. But it won’t happen at all if we do nothing. Change begins with a vision, and vision begins with real conversations of what equality could, (and should!) look like. Real is not always easy — in fact, it can be painfully uncomfortable. But if women don’t have these uncomfortable conversations, no one else will. Brené Brown says, “To opt out of conversations that are uncomfortable is the very definition of privilege.” The system was created by and for men.  It is very hard for men recognize the privilege in this, let alone face into the discomfort of changing the system.  It’s up to us to have the conversations, to create our own vision for equality, and then make requests for what we want – TOGETHER.

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