Happy New Year!

Refresh. Reset. Reimagine. 2018

We are coming off a watershed year for women: starting with the Womens’ March last January and ending with the #MeToo Movement. In 2017 we learned to say out loud “This is not OK!” We also learned that we are stronger together.  We have an opening. The question for 2018 is:  “Where do we go from here?”  “What’s next?”

You all know that I am a fan of visioning exercises because I believe that we cannot manifest what we cannot see.  January is the perfect time to create a vision for the year. I myself am looking forward to meeting with a group of dear friends next week to create my own annual vision – something we’ve been doing together for the last five years. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. If you are interested creating your vision for 2018, please refer to my blog post on the subject.

My 2018 vision for WLF is to build on our WLF community in order to reimagine what equality between women and men looks like in law firms. I know this is big – but I do think the current moment in history offers a unique opportunity to revisit  the question with renewed boldness. Over the coming year, we will be offering opportunities for you to participate in dialogues on equality over our private Virtual Alumni Network via Linked-in and Facebook. I sincerely hope you will share your thoughts. The more input we have, the better we can create a powerful collective vision: one that no longer requires women to shapeshift themselves into male success models, but that instead builds on our unique strengths and contributions.

What Do You Want?

This week, start with the basics. If we want to take advantage of this moment, the questions are – what is the ask?  What do you want?

More on this, and a take on modern feminism, next week!

Are you an alumni of the Women’s Leadership Forum? I’d love for you to keep in touch with the WLF community. Request to join us in our private Facebook group here, or connect with me on LinkedIN here and send me a note that you’d like to be part of our exclusive LinkedIn group.

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