Welcome to WLF Wednesdays and the launch of our Social Media-based alumni network!

Many of you have told me that the community we built in your WLF program is one of the most valuable and empowering benefits of WLF. My goal is to support you in cultivating on-going connections, having conversations that matter, and providing actionable practical tips and tactics that empower you to achieve your ambitions – whatever they are. As we’ve often discussed during WLF sessions, a sense of community and belonging are key to women thriving in law firms and the workplace, and you all are fortunate enough to have a built-in community based on your shared experiences through WLF. Creating a trusting community of peers where women can be authentic and vulnerable is highly empowering; without it, women are more likely to feel isolated and dissatisfied in their professional and personal lives.

I’m working hard to prepare new and interesting content to share for your comment and discussion, and I hope you’ll engage with me – and each other – to learn, support, and grow. I’ve talked with many of you about what would be helpful for this network, and I encourage your participation and welcome your comments and feedback at any time. 

If nothing else, I hope this network will remind you that you are not alone – we are all in this together. I look forward to seeing all that we can accomplish together!

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