Create your vision for 2016 in 10 minutes

For those of you who have taken Reactionary to Visionary recently, you will be updating your vision.  For those of you who have not taken this workshop for a while or have never taken it, the instructions are as follows:

Imagine it is January 2017 and you are having coffee with a very good friend.  You say “2016 was an incredible year…”

1. Free-write for two minutes in detail about all that you envision doing as if it has already happened. e.g., “I made partner in April and I am now a member of the Partners Committee” , or “I had a baby girl who is now 3 months old”  Then repeat the same exercise twice more, two minutes each, getting more granular each time.

Questions you can ask include:
What is happening at work?  I was promoted to equity partner, I brought in a large matter, I won an award, I was asked to lead a practice group, etc.

What is happening at home? My relationship with my significant other grew stronger, I had a baby, I met someone great, I bought a house, I decorated my house, my daughter got glasses, etc.

What else is happening? I exercised regularly and lost 5 lbs., I took up horseback riding, I was asked to be the president of the PTA – I turned it down because I learned to say NO (just checking to see if you are reading!).

2. Now, imagine yourself standing in your future place and ask yourself, “What do I need to start doing now to increase the odds I will manifest my vision?”

3. Lastly, write down your goals for the year: up to three is plenty.  Remember to focus on small steps. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much.

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