Women’s Leadership Forum

Women’s Leadership Forum is a year-long program specifically designed to help high-achieving women in top professional service firms and corporations reach their full potential.  Working on real-life issues in small peer groups, participants develop leadership and management skills through transformative dialogue facilitated by a master-level training and coaching team.

This program is based on a proven model from the corporate world in which CEOs and other top executives meet in small peer groups on a regular basis to learn new skills, share challenges and help each other become more successful.

The WLF curriculum was developed in collaboration with faculty from the internationally acclaimed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. The content draws on cutting-edge research in leadership development from Harvard, Stanford, and other top universities, and from the foremost thought leaders on personal effectiveness and leadership.

An Opportunity for Professional Service Firms and Businesses

The Women’s Leadership Forum is designed to make high level careers sustainable and rewarding for women. Despite the significant institutional changes businesses have made to improve retention of women, women remain under-represented — particularly at senior levels and in leadership roles.  And businesses are losing some of their most talented employees, often at just the time in their career when they have the most to offer.

The Women’s Leadership Forum focuses on reversing this trend by helping women become more efficient, effective, successful and fulfilled in work and in life.